About Us
Being a professional digital artist and a trainer is a tough choice that I made back in the past. Walking the route was tough but carving an identity for self was not impossible. While I was taking my higher education in Yavatmal, I grew fond of computers. Instead of keeping it a hobby, I wanted to pursue it as a passion and a profession. After completing my higher education, I continued my education at a college affiliated to Amravati University @Pandharkawada. Later, I started teaching at Sanjeevani Computer Institute. Yet, the love for computers and teaching was not just enough. I as an artist craved more and hence, went to Adilabad for photography and multimedia training. I later stayed there and took up a job, to learn more in the field. I started a photo studio @ Patanbori Name as GANESH PHOTOSHOP, a venture which went really well and made me gain a name in the field in the year 2002. However, I kept feeling held back! There was probably more to explore in the outer world, and hence when I did not see any other development, I took a leap of faith in the year 2009.
Business Profile:
About GANESHALBUMS Academy of Photography Pvt.Ltd.
With aspirations I moved to the city of dreams, Mumbai and started working in the photo industry, Monarch Innovative Technologies. I was taken on board as, software sales person and software trainer.
I worked there in the same company till 2011 and had myself moved to Nagpur headquarters. Nagpur has been a center of country and hence, I have been travelling across country for training sessions. Travelling across India has been a personal gain. However,  The software, Karizma was taught across the nation. I started teaching wedding album designs and conducted regular workshops for the photographers at a personal level. Later, taking a cue from my passion I started, Ganesh Albums and Photo in Nagpur, a small shop near Bus Stand. This was promoted widely through social media.
GANESHALBUMS Academy of Photography Pvt.Ltd:
The knack of teaching led to starting of training sessions in Photoshop. This led to the foundation of Ganesh Albums Academy of Photography Pvt Ltd in the year 2016. From a small shop this went on to creating a platform of skill development for the budding artists.I have conducted over 200 workshops in India and across the globe, including places Thailand. And hence now various organizations and people are independently reaching out to take training sessions.  Till now, over 25 students are being provided residential training @ Nagpur. This academy in Mahal has been training the needy to start something of their own. These sessions are being conducted to train them as, wedding album designers and digital artists. The future belongs to those who dream and look ahead with their heads held high. And hence, the organization now plans to take up an open land and start a residential programme that would train people in photography, videography and video editing. There are various challenges in album designing which would be also addressed through this academy.